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Posted on January 11th, 2022 by LNLS

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, LNLS has remained committed to serving the public as land surveyors they can depend on.

In December 2021, we pledged a portion of every survey we took on to contribute to the clean up of our oceans. We are pleased to announce LNLS is dedicating $3,500 to the Shaw Center of the Salish Sea. While this has deviated from our initial target to clean oceans worldwide, we felt no better place to place our charitable efforts than right here at home.

Located on the breathtaking waterfront of Sydney, BC, the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea is not only an unique aquarium and learning centre, but also a vital Canadian not-for-profit and community-based organization with a vision for a healthy and sustainable Salish Sea Bioregion. Their mission is to create experiences that engage people to learn about, explore and conserve the Salish Sea - its wildlife, waters, land, culture, and people.

Most importantly, we thank all of our LNLS client base who helped make this possible.